Sunday, February 5, 2012

Galley Cabinetry and Head

This weather in Florida this winter has been absolutely fantastic.  In fact weather throughout the country has been very mild compared to previous winters.  This makes it even easier to work on the boat in exotic places.

Last winter the pilothouse and aft cabin were slicked out with new maple tamber wall covering, trim and flooring.  The crew from Ft. Lauderdale spent weeks on the deck, finally getting it glassed, faired, sanded and non skid applied.  The caprail was also removed and glassed over. This had been a source of constant leaks for years causing damage to cabinetry and the interior. We at last feel that the boat may be drying up for good.

The push this winter is to get the galley, main saloon and forward head finished.  The recent pictures show the new solid wood face frames that have been custom built to cover up the old teak plywood. New cabinet doors will also be built to give it a finished modern look.

Galley Cabinet above ice box

Galley above sink

Galley above sink

Galley under sink

Galley under sink

Head, holding tank and cabinet

Head, shower stall

Head bulkhead
We will post more as progress continues.

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