Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Headliner Progress

My brother Brad is down in Florida for the Winter and is hard at work enjoying the Florida warmth and sunshine.  He has had time however to rough out some of the headliner in the main salon and pilothouse.

The old headliner was made out of sheets of 1/4 inch lauan paneling with a vinyl covering.  The sheets were large and you had to take down half of the ceiling to install any deck fittings.  The wood and vinyl were nothing but magnets for moisture and mold.  The new headliner is made of 1/4 Sintra.  This is a plastic material that comes in 4ft by 8ft sheets which will not take on moisture, rot or mold.  The groove was custom cut at a wood working shop. The idea was to give it that slatted look like the classic yacht interiors build by the TaShing boat yard.

Slats first had to be secured to the under side of the cabin top. These will serve as a secure base to screw the headliner panels to.  Sheets of self adhesive foam insulation were placed in all the open area to keep out the heat.  New wiring was also run for the overhead cabin lights and fans. Teak slats are then placed over the top of the headliner to secure them in place and cover the seams.  The panels were kept small to allow them to be taken down if deck fittings needed to be added or modified.

Some latest pics of the pilothouse and head ceiling below.

~~~ Sail On ~~~ /)