Saturday, May 26, 2012

Final Pilothouse and Cockpit Paint

The final set of pictures from Florida show that the outside paint has been completely finished.  The Ft. Lauderdale crew repainted the green accent stripe and completed the pilot house and cockpit paint.  Non skid was applied on the deck house, floor and cockpit seating.

The propane tank lockers were glassed shut in the cockpit and the tanks will be move the the forward port locker.  The old engine controls cutout was glassed shut.  The engine controls were moved to a recessed panel on the starboard side of the cockpit.

It has been a busy winter and much was completed. With all the work and paint done on the outside, the push will be to finalize the interior work next fall. 

 Green repainted
Green paint finished
 Paint around pilot house windows
 Newly fabricated hatch covers and paint
 Starboard cockpit paint
 Cockpit floor non skid and paint
 Pilothouse paint
 Deck house paint and non skid
 Looking down the rail
Cockpit paint completed

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pilot House and Cockpit Paint

The Ft. Lauderdale painting crew is back for a few days to finish up painting the pilot house and cockpit.   This will complete the outside paint. Yahoo!  Brad is understandably excited to see the last of the old fiberglass covered up for good.

They are using Awlgrip products for the complete process.  It is all about the chemistry of the products. The fairing, primer and paint all fuse together to make an indestructible finish.

The shots below show the progress so far. The next post should be of the finished product. I will post them as soon as I can.  I guess it has been raining a bit in Florida this week so they are waiting for a weather window to finish up.
Awlfair in the cockpit

Crack repair on the combing

More cockpit work
More cockpit


Dorade vents painted

Pilot house primer

Cockpit all primed

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Main Salon Cabinets

I was able to get down to see the boat at the end of April. I had some meetings in Jacksonville earlier in the week and drove down for the weekend to see Brad and Carla. The spring time weather in Florida was beautiful.

Brad had been sending a few photos but I had to check on the progress of the cabinets in the main salon.  Kevin the master carpenter was hard at it fashioning cabinets and face frames above the main salon settees. The previous cabinetry had taken on water from the leaky hatches and cap rail and basically disintegrated.  They were all torn out, the bulkheads and hull were painted and insulated and the new cabinets are going back in.

Brad is in charge of varnishing the woodwork once Kevin gets them fabricated.  The cabinet liners were all put in with ringed screws to allow them to be removed if needed to access chain plates and wiring. I was very impressed with the look and finish of the new cabinets. Brad has a lot more varnishing to do this summer and the plan is to have Kevin come back in the fall and mount everything.

The flooring and headliner will also be tackled this fall.  They are using 1/4 inch Sintra PVC for the headliner, which is a plastic product, so there will no rotting or taking on moisture.  The headliner has already been grooved and just needs to be cut into panels and fitted. 

There is still a lot of work left but I was glad to see major progress this winter. The pictures below show the dry fit of all the cabinets.  They still need to be varnished which will give the Maple wood a warm honey colored finish. The vertical slatted Tambour will be applied to all the bulkhead to finish them off similar to the aft cabin and pilothouse.

Brad is having the deck crew back to finish painting the pilot house and the cockpit area the first week in May. More pictures of that to come later!

Galley Cabinets above the stove

Port Salon Cabinets

Starboard Salon Cabinets

Starboard  Salon Cabinets

Port Salon Cabinets

Starboard Salon Cabinets

Starboard Salon Cabinets

Port Salon Cabinets

Port Salon Cabinets