Saturday, May 26, 2012

Final Pilothouse and Cockpit Paint

The final set of pictures from Florida show that the outside paint has been completely finished.  The Ft. Lauderdale crew repainted the green accent stripe and completed the pilot house and cockpit paint.  Non skid was applied on the deck house, floor and cockpit seating.

The propane tank lockers were glassed shut in the cockpit and the tanks will be move the the forward port locker.  The old engine controls cutout was glassed shut.  The engine controls were moved to a recessed panel on the starboard side of the cockpit.

It has been a busy winter and much was completed. With all the work and paint done on the outside, the push will be to finalize the interior work next fall. 

 Green repainted
Green paint finished
 Paint around pilot house windows
 Newly fabricated hatch covers and paint
 Starboard cockpit paint
 Cockpit floor non skid and paint
 Pilothouse paint
 Deck house paint and non skid
 Looking down the rail
Cockpit paint completed

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