Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break 2014 Cape Coral, Florida

My son and I headed to Florida during Spring Break this year to escape the cold and do a little sailing.  He is a Freshman at the University of South Dakota.  It is kind of cool that he still likes to hang out with his Dad at his age.  Most kids would be off chasing things around the beach and partying all night like rocks stars.

This winter, as most of you know, has been a cold and miserable one in the Midwest and around the country.  Records show that this was the 7th coldest winter on record in South Dakota. We had 66 days below zero and 45 day below -10 degrees Fahrenheit. So it was nice to get a break from the cold and see a little sunshine. Temps were near 80 degrees every day while we were there.

We had a great flight down and were able to take a few shots of the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas as we past by overhead. We have many great memories of the Tampa/St. Peter area.  The boat was actually purchased in Bradenton and moved to a boat yard in Tampa where the refit started.  After it was back in the water it spent a few seasons in a marina in St. Pete before we moved it to Cape Coral.

Tampa/ St Pete



Cape Coral
We worked on a few projects on the interior of the boat and got it rigged for sailing.  A lightning storm has taken out the solar charger so it was replaced and back in action.  The interior work continues with the assembly of the new heads and cabinetry. A lot of work has been done on the headliner this winter.  Last winter the deck and caprail were re-glassed and it turned out awesome.  The new deck now has an easy to clean nonskid surface. The caprail is now water tight and gives the boat a sleeker cleaner look.
Brother Brad is still working part time at his day job so work is progressing. Nothing like working on your boat in the canal behind your house. A nice short commute.  Here are a few shots of us cruising the canals of Cape Coral, the boat and us out sailing.  Winds were pretty light but it was good to get out on the water and make sure everything was working properly.



Hope to get back down in the next few months to help work on the interior. Most of the aft cabin is done. The pilot house chart table area needs completing and the main salon walls need to be tambered. Plenty of work to do but at least we can now see an end to it.
~~~ Sail On ~~~ /)