Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Non-Skid Applications

Just received the last of the deck pictures today from Brad.  The crew in Florida is working hard. The final non-skid application has gone on and the deck is officially done! Oh Happy Day.

After years of looking at the old faired fiberglass it is nice to finally see it completed.  That does not mean that the boat is completed of course.  The cockpit needs to be painted and the interior work will continue this fall when the weather cools down. Working on the inside your boat in Florida during the summer would literally fry your brain.  

Quoting an old boatyard friend of ours "Deno", "forward progress has been made".  That was Deno's motto.  As long as your making progress who cares.  It is at the point where more of the boat is done now than needs to be done.  A good feeling.

 Non-skid on the bow
 Overhead shot
 First section done
 Starboard side
 Deck from starboard side
 Another bow shot
 Full Deck shot, lifelines back on

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