Sunday, April 24, 2011

Roll and Tip Paint Application

All the weeks of hard work and preparation have payed off.  I has taken countless hours of glassing, priming sanding, fairing and more sanding to get to the point where the paint can start flowing.

As most of you know, there are a couple of ways to apply Awlgrip two part paint. If you had the boat in a boatyard spraying it on might be easier and take less time. This job is being done with the boat in the water, so to keep the neighbors happy, the roll and tip method is being used.  Rolling and tipping refers to the application method of the paint.  The paint is rolled on evenly and it is then tipped with a fine hair badger or china bristle brush to smooth it out.  The tipping takes out all the bubbles and allows the paint to flow out into a mirror like finish.

After another sanding of the primer the surface was wiped down and the painting began. The pictures below show the process. One person is rolling on the paint and one is following behind tipping.  Three coats will be applied with a lite sanding in between.

Wow, it takes a lot of work to bring this old boat back to life.  In the end it is a labor of love, making something that has been neglected and old new again, seeing an old classic restored to her original beauty! There is an extreme amount of satifaction knowing that new life has been given to this grand girl!


We always call a ship a "she" and not without a reason.
For she displays a well-shaped knee regardless of the season.
She scorns the man whose heart is faint and doesn't show him pity.
And like a girl she needs the paint to keep her looking pretty.

For love she'll brace the ocean vast, be she a gig or cruiser.
But if you fail to tie her fast you're almost sure to lose her.
On ships and dames we pin our hopes, we fondle them and dandle them.
And every man must know his ropes or else he cannot handle them.

Be firm with her and she'll behave when skies are dark above you.
And let her take a water wave - praise her, and she'll love you.
That's why a ship must have a mate; she needs a good provider.
A good strong arm to keep her straight, to comfort her and guide her.

For such she'll brace the roughest gales and angry seas that crowd her.
And in a brand new suit of sails no dame looks any prouder.
The ship is like a dame in that she's feminine and swanky;
You'll find the one that's broad and fat is never mean and cranky.

Yes ships are ladylike indeed, for take them altogether
the ones that show a lot of speed can't stand the roughest weather
Author unknown

 Starting up front on the bullworks
 Down the port side to the stern
 Up the starboard side
 Touching up around the chain plates
 Starboard side
 Stern completed
Look at the shine


  1. Wow, What a great blog! Thank you and keep up the great work. I met Brad and Carla this weekend, what a nice couple! Looking forward to more as you complete this labor of love.
    Torie and Greg

    1. Torie, Great to hear from you! I am glad you find the blog interesting. It has been a long road putting the old boat back together. Hopefully we will get to sail more than work soon.

      Do you have an Pan Oceanic? How did you meet Brad and Carla?

      I have another blog that you may be interested in also. It is all called i-Marine Apps. I review and do tutorials on apps for the iPhone and iPad. There are many great charting apps out there now, a lower cost option compared to expensive chartplotters. Check it out.

      ~~~Sail On ~~~