Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Pink Fairing Goo!

After the fiberglass mat was epoxied down the long process of fairing has started.  The pink goo was spread across the whole deck in hopes of making it smooth at a babies bottom. Speaking of babies my brother Brad became a Grandpa today with the birth of his daughter's son.  Now back to fairing. The pink goo is called Awlfair, it is an Awlgrip product that is an integral part of the whole process to smooth out the deck. 

You can all see the pictures below of Brad and his crew.  They have spent countless hours on their knees fairing, sanding more fairing and sanding. Spot filling those missed spots and sanding again.  Brad sent me another set of pictures today with the caption "It's a beautiful thing".  He was referring to having completed the last coat of primer on the deck after the fairing process.

This has been a project that started with the buying of the boat in 2003, that is 8 years ago.  The project really began with a young man who had a dream of adventure and wrote famed captain Irving Johnson to see if he could run away and join the crew of the Yankee Clipper.  He held onto that dream even after his father failed to mail his letter.  Dreams are a funny thing.  If you hold onto them long enough they magically become reality.  This day is more than pink goo and snorting sanding dust, it is about working everyday to make your dreams come true.

The pink gooo!
 Faring on the deck
 Fairing Sanded down
 Spot filling
 Priming after fairing
 Priming the starboard side
 Priming the deck
 More deck priming
 Priming the port side

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