Sunday, January 9, 2011

2003/2004 Replacing the Teak Deck and Standing Rigging

The teak deck were in rough shape and needed to be replace. Replacing the deck with teak was very expensive and was something we did not want to tackle.  Flexi-Teak was just coming out on the market at that time.  It is a rubberized material made of recycled plastic.  We found a distributor in Australia that could do the job for us.  We prepared a template of the deck and sent it to Australia where the deck was put together.  The sections were shipped to Florida and were installed in 2004.

Pulling mast to redo rigging

New deck sections
Rough fit of starboard side

Port Side glued down
Both side down

Trimming out butterfly hatch

Trim on around mast

Trim around hatch radius

Mast re-installed

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