Sunday, January 9, 2011

2003 The Purchase Of Zepha

The boat was purchase in Florida at the Regatta Pointe Marina near Palmetto Florida.  It in a 1980 Ted Brewer designed Pan Oceanic 46 foot pilothouse sailboat.  The boat was moved to a boat yard in St Petersburg Florida where it would spend several years undergoing a complete refit.

The boat was in solid condition and was completely original.  The systems were all tired and in need of replacing.

Projects would include tearing up the old teak decks, replacing pilothouse windows, replacing the fuels tanks, replacing the diesel engine, rewiring, exterior painting, replacing the running and standing rigging and remodeling the interior.

The project has been a learning experience with many hours of research and shopping on eBay for new and replacement parts. The process has been an education and actually enjoyable to see it come from an old neglected boat to a restored classic beauty.

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